From Boring Clay Pot to the Most BEAUTIFUL Thing You’ve Ever Seen. Genius!

What sculptor and potter Johnson Tsang can create from a mere hunk of wet clay is just magnificent. The Hong Kong-based artist is a true genius and is renowned for his weird free-hand ceramic and steel-entwined art, ordinarily. But he’s also hugely capable with a potter’s wheel.

Check out his latest work:

Dragon Pot 1


On the wheel.

Dragon Pot 2


Still spinning…

Dragon Pot 3


A potter’s work is never done.

Dragon Pot 4


Good, huh?

Dragon Pot 5


Pure skill.

Dragon Pot 6


Getting hands on…

Dragon Pot 7


Is that a rolling pin?!

Dragon Pot 8


Tsang is, quite simply, a master.

Dragon Pot 9


Shaping a head.

Dragon Pot 10


Using his tools.

Dragon Pot 11


An artist at work.

Dragon Pot 12


Detailing the teeth now.

Dragon Pot 13


Johnson takes hours perfecting each pot.

Dragon Pot 14


Things are really taking shape.

Dragon Pot 15


Just wait – it’s going to be beautiful.

Dragon Pot 16


Can you tell what it is yet?

Dragon Pot 17


It’s delicate work, this.

Dragon Pot 18


Now the paintbrush comes out.

Dragon Pot 19


It’s coming together now…

Dragon Pot 20


Johnson needs a steady hand for this part.

Dragon Pot 21


Almost there…

Dragon Pot 22


And here’s the finished article…

Dragon Pot 23

Source: Johnson Tsang

So there you have it… Brilliant stuff. Not quite a Ming – but still a beautiful thing!

What do you think?