This is Porter. He’s a dog. Oh yeah, and HE DRIVES A CAR.

Ten month-old beardie cross Porter is just your usual pooch. He chases his tail, runs after sticks and does unspeakable things to rose bushes. But this four-legged fella does have one trick up his furry sleeve. He can drive. Yep, really.

Porter the Driving Dog

Quite incredible.
Clever pooch Porter speeds round the track

Here’s a video of the man dog in action:

Clever Porter was taught how to drive by the New Zealand charity The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The charity’s mission was to prove that dogs are smart animals and should be respected by us humans. And they’ve certainly achieved that. We never thought we’d see the day we’d see Rover in a Rover (well, a Mini…).

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