Criminal Master Minds? More Like Criminals Who Have No Minds! You Won’t Believe the Things They Do.

We often hear of ‘criminal masterminds’ as devious, but intelligent people who steal from others, sell illegal goods or substances, and commit violent crimes to make their livings, without being caught. There is nothing more dangerous than a criminal who is a genius. Of course, not all criminals are intelligent, bright, or even of average intelligence! Check out the following FOUR videos.

Crime #1. Many robbers, as you already know, disguise their identities with anything from women’s knee-high stockings, to clown masks or ski masks. So many places have cameras now, it is likely automatic for even the least clever of thieves to have something to cover their faces with. Of course, this thief isn’t even that clever, and it seems to have slipped his mind.

What do you do when you are about to rob a place, and didn’t remember to bring a disguise? You improvise — maybe make a quick stop at the pharmacy for some ladies’ stockings, but not this guy! He improvised on the spot with an item that not only hindered his movements and ability to see, but also put him at a disadvantage for time, and he was indeed recognized by former co-workers, and arrested. Watch this video to see what he wore on his head to conceal his identity.  Even the news crew can’t control their laughter. Can you imagine?

Crime #2. ATM crime is more popular as ATM’s pop up on every corner. It is reasonable to believe there is a good amount of money in an ATM, and if you rob the machine, there is no reason to involve or threaten other people. Good thinking for a thief, some may say.

Of course these two geniuses decided to break into the place, and actually take the entire ATM with them. The flaw in their plan? It didn’t turn out to actually be an ATM, or worth their time and effort. Watch this 20 second video to see their stupidity caught on tape, and what they actually made away with.

Crime #3. As any expert at burglary knows, the best way to burgle a house is in broad daylight, with no prior surveillance, and without checking to see if someone is home. And always bring your own car, and park it in the home’s driveway. No? Are you sure? Someone should have told this guy then! He pulled up and kicked in the door of a home, and started to ransack the place. Unfortunately for him, the homeowner was home, and they struck back. In his escape the burglar left an unbelievable amount of evidence behind. The police had no problem finding him, or proving that he had been the burglar. Watch this 35 second video to see just how dumb this guy was, and the trail of evidence that that lead police right to him. He definitely had a bad day!

Crime #4. Shoplifting! Also more complicated with video cameras and security tags, etc. in this day and age, but that didn’t stop this woman! You hear of people wearing a dress out under their coats, or stealing small items and putting them (some more subtly than others) in their purse. What did this woman steal? She set her sights on a $6,500 fur coat, and you won’t believe where she hid it! And she left it in her ‘special’ hiding place for three days in jail, before finally handing it over. Watch this video, and tell me, would you want to buy that coat after where it lived for three days? I sure wouldn’t!

My advice? Don’t be a criminal, but if you are, at least put some thought and planning into it. Or, better yet, don’t. It is quite entertaining to see such videos of just how dumb criminals can be. Share this with friends and family, and give them something to laugh or smile at today.

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