These Extreme Sports Types Are Off-The-Chart Crazy. But Their Photos Are Jaw Dropping!

Using a toaster in the bath, juggling with knives that you’ve lit on fire, watching any TV programme with Piers Morgan in it… There are some things in life that you just shouldn’t do. And we’d probably put everything you’re about to see on that list.

But not everyone is as lily livered as we are. Some people are a lot braver. And a lot more nuts. What you’re about to see the extreme sportsmen in these photographs do takes some real guts. And probably a bang on the head.

WARNING: Please do not attempt any of the things you’re about to see at home. Not that you could, of course – but you get our point…

Look at this guy. Jus’ chillin’. Thousands of feet up. Sat on a very narrow mountain ledge. *gulp*

Crazy Climbers


Blimey – this fella best be good at unicycling. Still, at least by doing this incredible feat he’s distracting us all from those questionable shorts…

Crazy Climbing


Let’s hope that the wind was pretty weak that day.

Crazy Sitting


How good a skier must you have to be to be able to ski VERTICALLY?! Down a sheer face like that – what was he thinking?

Crazy Skier


Again, we can’t be sure if this extreme fellwalker is doing to this to draw attention away from his silly hat or because he’s addicted to adrenalin.

Extreme Walking


How’s this for a light spot of kayaking? It’s impossible to tell how far down the river is, but you can guess it’s probably prrrretty far down!

Insane Walking


This one really takes the biscuit. We have trouble sometimes sleeping on our memory foam mattress on our king size bed.

Mad Mountain Sleeping


Risky. So, so risky. But probably a lot of fun too.

Crazy Walking

How about it? Could you see yourself out there in the great outdoors, the wilderness… Flinging yourself off rocks, hanging off stuff and maybe even unicycling over a mountain ledge?


Nope. Nor us.

What do you think?

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