This Extreme ‘Fight Me’ Prank Is HILARIOUS (To Watch, Not Be The Victim Of!)

So a guy comes up to you on the street. He seems nice enough. He’s just got off the phone to someone who’s accusing him of messing with his girl. He explains what happened to you and tells you that a little skinny fella’s heading over to sort things out. ‘Got my back?‘ he asks. What do you do? Say ‘yeah, sure’? Keep it vague? Back out? Hang on, there’s the dude now. But he aint skinny… And he aint alone. Oh no. There’s loads of them. And they’re huge!

Stop. There’s a funny side to this (trust us!). And here it is:

We’d have been outta there – Usain Bolt-style!

What do you think?

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