FAIL: Woman Busy On Cell Phone Falls Into Swimming Pool – Everyone Laughs

It seems like everywhere you go, people are glued to their phones, aren’t they? They’ve them in their hands, staring at them. Texting, emailing, playing games, tweeting, looking at… It’s a little worrying that it may be affecting the social skills and manners of the young. But there’s a more immediate danger. Especially if you’re walking near a swimming pool and paying absolutely no attention to your surroundings whatsoever. A bit like the phone-loving lady in the clip belows who goes for a bit of an unscheduled dip.

Have a look at why you should ALWAYS keep one eye on where you’re walking!


She didn’t even have her swimming costume on! Still, she strolled out with enough confidence as if to suggest it never happened. Pity it was being filmed, eh?!

What do you think?

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