‘What’s The First Thing You Touch To Get A Girl In The Mood?’ Family Feud Shock Answer!

When Steve Harvey asks a leading question on the much-loved television game show Family Feud like, ‘What’s the first part of your mate that you touch to get her in the mood?’, you get that feeling, don’t you? This could go one of two ways, you think to yourself. And in this particular case, it goes even crazier than you might imagine!

There’s no denying that the shocking answer that this guy gives is funny, but can you just imagine if this guy was your dad? Or husband? And he came out with a massively upfront answer like this?! Bless him. Still, we think there’s logic to his answer, though…

Hey, we’re kind of surprised his answer wasn’t on the board if we’re honest!

Check out exactly what Dad answered right here:

What do you think?


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