Meet The Horse Who Likes To Kick Back With a Nice Big Fart!

This is Archy. He’s a lovely ol’ horse who lives in Blossom Valley, San Jose, California. At the Rocking Horse Ranch. But it’s not rocking that Archy enjoys. Oh no. He’s much more interested in another activity… Farting. And why not, eh? If it’s good enough for Grandpa after Christmas dinner, it’s good enough for Archy. There’s no word from this horse’s owner as to how bad his gas smells, but we don’t imagine it’s all that nice.

Actually, where’s the proof that these farts really are Archy’s?! Who was filming this? Hmmm…

Did you know?
That ‘laugh’ thing that horses do? That’s not actually a laugh. Ironically, that’s them taking in a nice big smell of something. Probably one of their farts…

What do you think?

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