Mom Made This Video Of Dad And Their 5 Kids As A Fun Gift. Now It’s Being Watched By Everyone

When Chad and Angela Morton of Taylorsville, Utah decided to make a video of Chad goofing around with the couple’s five kids, little did they know they’d become an Internet sensation with over five million hits on YouTube.

Angela suggested making a music video and, after a bit of brainstorming on the family couch, the two came up with the idea of doing a parody of the LMFAO song ‘Sexy And I Know It’. The hilarious video they went on to make features original lyrics sung by Chad as he goes about his daily routine with his seven- and five-year old sons and his twenty two month-old triplets.

Chad and Angela’s friends and family were blown away when they saw the results of the Mortons’ twenty hours work writing, filming and editing the video, and quickly began demanding copies. “Everyone was asking, ‘Where’s our copy?'” said Chad. “So we said we’d go put it up on YouTube and then everybody can watch it.”

Word about ‘I’m A Daddy And I know It’ quickly spread around the world. And it’s not hard to see why! From juggling diapers to dealing with the dangers of floors covered in LEGOs, Chad’s day looks exhausting … but still a whole of a lot of fun!

Check it out:

Well played, Chad. We wish you were our dad.

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