Mass Serial Killer Shows No Remorse Over Crimes, Until An Old Man Speaks

Gary Ridgway is America’s most prolific ever serial killer. Convicted of having taken the lives of 48 women in Seatlle’s King’s County area, this normal-looking man has been dubbed, ‘The Green River Killer’ because of where he used to dump many of his early victim’s bodies. The Salt Lake City-born monster remained unmoved and emotionless throughout his trial and sentencing, even when faced with his victims’ families. Until one stepped up and told him that he had found the strength to forgive him. Ridgway’s reaction is quite staggering…

Did you know?
Gary Ridgway might be the USA’s most prolific ever mass serial killer, but his vile crimes don’t come close to the evil work of Colombian Luis Garavito, who murdered 140 street children in the 1990s. It’s thought that he could be the biggest serial killer ever, with more than 400 deaths to his name.

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