April The Angry Momma Giraffe Kicks Vet In The Nuts To Protect Her Newborn Baby!

He Was Feeding His Pets When A Feral Cat Turned Up. When He Saw His Face? Shocking

Most of the time, animals and humans get on pretty well, don’t we? We keep pets, look after a lot of others, they tolerate us. It’s a good deal. Alright, let’s forget about the food industry and stuff for a minute, huh? But even in zoos and things where we kind of lock up a whole bunch of animals, the set-up is pretty calm. So long as neither party breaks the rules… (just ask poor Harambe).

But it’s not only animals that can get punished by us. If we overstep the mark, they’ll let us know about it. Like April the giraffe here. She was on a live streaming Giraffe Cam because she was pregnant and the zoo wanted to show eager fans at home the birthing process. All went well… Until one of the on-site vets decided to come in after the birth to assist with feeding. April wasn’t best pleased.

You’ve gotta give new mothers space. Especially when they’re six times your size and capable of kicking you right in the family jewels with some serious force!

Giraffe Kicks Vet

He messed with the wrong giraffe… Watch exactly what went down right here:

What do you think?

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