This Inspirational Little Girl Has Achieved More Than Most Adults Ever Will. She’s A Real Life Superhero!

This is Eden, a truly gorgeous little girl.


Eden was born in April 2008, and her proud parents immediately fell head over heels in love with her. She was just perfect, and had a healthy set of lungs too!

Eden 5

Eden captured her parent’s hearts and filled their lives with so much joy. She was a bright, bubbly little girl. But at the age of six months, they began to realise that their wonderful baby was struggling. She wasn’t trying to sit up or crawl, and had difficulty keeping her head up.


They took Eden to the doctor, who sent them to a genetic testing lab. It was there that they were told that she had a rare genetic disorder called Duane syndrome that causes vision problems. She also had a deletion in one of her chromosomes that meant that she might never be able to walk. But would Eden give up? Of course not.


When Eden was two years old, she shocked her parents by crawling across the carpet on Christmas morning. She went on to have extensive physical therapy and approached it like she approached everything else: with determination, joy and a sense of fun.


Eden kept growing stronger and stronger until- at the age of four and a half- the impossible happened. She walked across the living room! She really is Supergirl.

eden 4

And that’s not all. Eden carried on pushing herself. She fell often, but she would always get back up with a smile, dust herself off and start again. She’s a true inspiration and a lesson to us all. You can watch the full video of Eden’s miraculous journey below:

All images courtesy of Michelle Nagle.

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