Bride Invites Her 89-Year-Old Grandma To Be A Bridesmaid At Her Wedding

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When Christine Quinn asked her grandmother Betty to be one of the bridesmaids at her wedding, the 89 year old was shocked and surprised. “She asked me about 10 times, ‘Are you sure?’ and ‘Why would you want an old lady in your bridal party?’” Quinn said.

But Christine was adamant that ‘Nana Betty’ would be part of the bridal party, and come wedding day, her grandma was following her up the aisle with a bouquet of flowers

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Quinn said the following about the day:

“Nana got on the party bus with the rest of the wedding party instead of ‘going home to rest’ but did not tell my mom (her daughter). She also danced the entire night away, including an adorable moment when she and my husband’s grandmother, Bellsie, danced together. It was amazing.”

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Christine continues:

“She had the entire wedding party laughing with her words of wisdom and funny comments throughout the day. She just has an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life that I strive to emulate every day. Everyone loves her”

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When asked about the day, Nana Betty said “You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today.”

And who can argue with that!

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