VIDEO: Man Tries To Scare Girlfriend At Haunted House But Loses It Himself!

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Most guys naturally think that they’re pretty tough, don’t they? Maybe not Tito Ortiz, beat-any-other-guy-up tough, but at least not the dude to scream and wet his pants at the first sight of something scary. Most men think this. Not all are right…

The guy you’re about to see was caught on camera embarrassing himself quite comprehensively at a haunted house experience. He’d taken his girlfriend, thinking she might get a bit of a kick out of it or maybe get a few scares. He could act the big man and calm her down. And look like a knight in shining armor in the process. Only it didn’t work out like that.

In fact, he all but humiliates himself. Scaring and jumping about like crazy, this dude has one seriously crazy reaction to being in a ‘haunted‘ house… Check it out!

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