Homeless Guy Sits Writing On The Same Corner For 35 Years; Until One Lady Changed EVERYTHING!

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São Paulo, Brazil. A man sits on a corner of a street writing. He’s scribbling down words frantically, his pen barely capable of keeping up with his thoughts as they occur to him. The man? Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho. A poet.

But why is he sat on a street corner and not in a leather armchair somewhere? Well, because he’s homeless. He lives on that street corner. And has down for some time. In fact, for over three and a half decades Raimundo has sat there writing his thoughts down.

A few years ago, he made a new friend. Shalla Monteiro. She was so impressed by his poetry and writings that she decided to dedicate herself to helping him fulfill his dream of publishing a book. So, she created a Facebook Page which featured Raimundo’s writing. It captured the public’s imagination and soon? His life changed forever…

Homeless Writer

He got his book published, got off the streets and even reconnected with his family. And it’s all down to Shalla. What a beautiful friendship!

Homeless Writer

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