This Guy Has An AWESOME Wood Chopping Technique… You’ll Be Gobsmacked By It!

Ever wanted to be able to chop logs up like a total BOSS?! Of course you have! There’s nothing more tough guy than heading out back with a giant ax and splitting a big old log into a dozen smaller bits for burning up later. But it’s a tedious and drawn-out affair that takes ages. Well, at least it can be. The guy in this clip has discovered a way to do it in a tenth of the time, it’s amazing. ‘Riving’ or ‘splitting firewood’ is essential in certain areas, just like where this guy is from. He hasn’t got time to spend all day messing about with wood.

So check out his clever little technique. He’s found an ace life hack that needs to be told to a wider public. Chop wood like a boss, go on…

What do you think?