He Demonstrates A Weird Way To Cook Steak That Totally Had My Mouth Watering

We’ll apologize for this upfront if you’re a vegetarian… But for the rest of us there’s nothing better to see on a dinner plate than a huge juicy steak. A big beautiful slab of meat that’s been perfectly cooked just to your liking. But just how do you cook the perfect steak? Most cookery shows on television will tell you there’s a definitive way to do it. You sear the meat in a really hot frying pan on both sides and then finish it off in the oven. But the guys at Fude House have a different idea. They demonstrate their new idea with a lovely slab of boneless ribeye beef.

It’s quite a simple technique, really. It’s called ‘The Reverse Sear’ and it’s, well, just the opposite… You cook the meat at a low temperature in the oven and finish it off with a sear right at the end. And from the looks of things, we’d have to agree. They cook the perfect steak.

Damn. Now we want steak.

What do you think?

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