Dolphins Team Up To Form Ingenius Hunting Technique in This Amazing Video

This Paraglider Goes Flying at the Beach When Suddenly – DOLPHINS!

You’re about to see one of the reasons why everybody always says that dolphins are – humans aside – the most intelligent creature in the animal kingdom. The video below shows a very clever fishing technique that the Atlantic dolphins off the coast of Georgia employ in order to keep food on their aquatic (and metaphorical) tables. Pods of dolphins (yep – ‘pods‘…) work together to catch fish by slowly boxing them in near the shore and then all rushing to the banks at once to flip their prey up onto land, or even better, into the air so they can catch them with their mouths. It’s quite incredible.

Animal behaviour experts claim that this activity is only seen in this very location. It shows ingenuity and adaptation to environment perfectly. Keep your eye out for the clever little egrets too. These smart birds have seen what happens and lurk around, ready to snatch any morsels left over… Nature at its best!


Dolphins. See? They are smart! Click here for more dolphin-based boredom bashing!

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