This Ice Bucket Challenge Went VERY Wrong!

You may well have seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge that’s currently sweeping across social media. Funny, isn’t it? But there’s nothing quite like this one which didn’t quite go to plan. This young lady (Therese Todd) is about to really regret doing this and it’ll most likely put off her nominations from giving it a go too!

Take a look:


Heres what Therese had to say:

Hey everyone! So both the little girl and I are OKAY! The bucket did hit the little girl on the back after some of the water had fallen out but she was fine, just a little scared! After the incident I went to the ER where they took a CT scan and chest x-ray because I got the wind knocked out of me and had trouble catching my breath. The tests came back normal. My back and chest are just kind of sore! I don’t think this is a reason for people to not do the ALS challenge, just be smart about it! You don’t need to pour 10 gallons of water on your head! lol Even though it hurt, I’m glad it’s made so many people smile!

For those of you who have enjoyed the video (and it’s totally fine to laugh) I encourage you to think about donating to the ALS Association or one of the other organizations, which are also very important to me, below!

It seems that the girl in this video’s not the only one to struggle. Check out this epic ice bucket challenge fail compilation.

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