If You Think Seeing Jupiter In The Sky Is Crazy – Check Out What Happens Next!

Have you ever wondered what the moon would look like if it were replaced by the planets in our Solar System? Youtuber Yeti Dynamics has. So he got to his computer and went about mocking it up (after a great deal of research…). And the results are really quite stunning. Just wait until you see Saturn…

We see: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn. He intentionally left out the planet Mercury since Mercury isn’t a lot bigger than the Moon itself and as such wouldn’t look any real different than normal.

Scales used in Visualization:
Celestial Body Radius (in km)
Moon: 1738
Mars: 3397
Venus: 6052
Neptune: 25,269 (equatorial) 24,340 (polar)
Uranus: 25,559 (equatorial) 24,973 (polar)
Jupiter: 71,490 (equatorial) 66,854 (polar)
Saturn: 60,268 (equatorial) 54,360 (polar) (not including rings)

What do you think?

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