The Most Inappropriate Places People Have Been Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go. It’s all anyone seems to talk about now, isn’t it? What started life just a few days and weeks ago as a harmless little Nintendo game app is not a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone seems to have the app and wants to play it. It’s crazy.

But while most Pokemon Go characters can be collected from fairly normal places, the little critters get everywhere. Including some seriously inappropriate places… Here’s some of the weirdest they’ve been found so far:

Pidgey while you pee

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Pidgey in a maternity ward at hospital

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Doduo at a Holocaust museum

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Magikarp at the 9/11 Memorial Fountain

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Squirtle in a firefight with ISIS

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Squirtle at a funeral

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Pidgey sat on a fellow commuter’s lap

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Rattata on a dead rat

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Squirtle in a graveyard

inappropriate pokemon go (1)


Pikachu at Grandpa’s while he blazes


Alright, okay. That last one might be made up.

What do you think?

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