If You Need Tattoo Ideas, Then Check Out These Insane 3D Tattoos

3D Face Tattoo

When deciding to get a Tattoo, its always best to think it through properly and not just rush out and get any old junk stamped on yourself, like many do 🙂

These 3D tattoos are awesome examples of Tattoo art. No doubt they would of took quite some time and quite a bit of cash to get done. Lets take a look…

1. 3D Cyborg Foot

3D Tattoos

2. This guy is obviously a Terminator fan. 3D Endo Arm

3D Tattoos

3. I love pizza and all, but I would not have one Tattooed on myself lol

3D Tattoos

4. What better way to show your love for tattoos? A 3D Tattoo Gun

3D Tattoos

5. The detail in this Tattoo is simply awesome

3D Tattoos

6. Ancient 3D Upper Arm Tattoo

3D Tattoos

7. 3D Butterfly Tattoo

3D Tattoos

8. One of my all time favourite 3D Tattoos. Just look at the detail

3D Tattoos

9. Awesome 3D Arm Tattoo

3D Tattoos

10. 3D Spiderman Tattoo

3D spiderman Tattoos

11. Bionic Woman 3D Tattoo

3D Tattoos

12. The Missing Piece 3D Tattoo

3D foot Tattoos

13. Perfect Snake 3D Tattoo. Ok if you like Snakes that is 🙂

3D Snake Tattoos

14. This is a strange 3D Tattoo, not sure what he is trying to say with it

3D Tattoos

15. The Carved Leg. This awesome 3D Tattoo is so detailed it looks like carved wood

3D Leg Tattoos

16. This 3D Tattoo is awesome, a bit creepy and ultra realistic

3D Face Tattoo

17. 3D Foot Tattoo with awesome detail

3D Foot Tattoos

18. 3D Scorpion Tattoo

3D Scorpion Tattoo

19. Just a creepy 3D Tattoo. Not sure why one would have such a thing

3D Eyes Tattoos

20. Not so much a 3D Tattoo, but this Disney Snow white back piece is simply amazing

3D Disney Tattoos

21. Just get a load of this. This 3D Tattoo paints a perfect picture. Awesome job

3D Tattoos

22. And finally, such a soft 3D Tattoo yet has awesome impact

3D Tattoos

What do you think?

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