Man Helps Needy Kid and Decades Later He Returns The Favour – Inspirational Stuff Indeed…

You’ve heard of the phrase ‘to pay it forward’, right? It’s the idea of continuing on the goodwill of a gesture. If someone does something nice for you, something they didn’t need to do but did, you should organise an act of kindness for another person. If they, in turn, decide to pay it forward, the chain continues. Until everyone in the world is nice to each other! Sure, it may be a pipe dream but the video here shows an example of how it works. And how important it can be. A man helps out an impoverished young lad who’s stealing medicine from his sick mother. Three decades later, the kid gets a chance to repay the man. And the results are touching.

Watch it here:


What a awe-inspiring tale. It certainly made us think. The next time you can do something small to help someone out, why not do it? A little gesture on your part can really make the difference for someone in need… Please share this important message with the people you know today.

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