This Schoolgirl Chase Gets Way Out Of Control When They Start Jumping Off Buildings!

The video below starts off normally enough. Two Japanese schoolgirls are gossiping and messing about with their cameraphones at school in the picturesque city of Atami. Suddenly, one of them sprints off. Her friend gives chase. It soon becomes clear that these young girls are no ordinary teenagers… It turns out that the pair are expert free-running gymnast ninjas! As their stunts and tricks get wilder and more dangerous, your jaw will drop lower and lower. Nothing gets in their way. No object is too large, no building too tall. This action sequence is really quite stunning.

Check it out. Each ninja trick they use is handily flashed up on the scene too, so it’s entertaining and informative…


Pretty darn cool, huh? We don’t remember knowing any girls like that when we at school.

What do you think?

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