Jesse Williams Has Destroyed Donald Trump’s Wife On Twitter

Jesse williams thumb

If you’ve been following the news today, you will have seen that Donald Trump‘s wife has been accused of plagiarism in her keynote speech given to the Republican National Convention yesterday. Journalist Jarrett Hill accused Melania Trump of taking excerpts from an old speech given by Michelle Obama, of all people.

As with these things, Twitter quickly blew up with people ridiculing Mrs Trump for her brazen theft of Obama’s thoughts and ideas. At the forefront of this was actor Jesse Williams, who set up the brilliant hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes. The idea was to tweet famous quotes from history, but credit them to Melania, thus ridiculing her further.

Among Jesse’s hilarious miscredited quotees were Sojourner Truth…


…Harriet Tubman…

…Martin Luther King Jr…


…and Lauren Hill!

Bravo Mr Williams!

What do you think?

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