He Has ‘Just 24 Hours To Live’… When a Millionaire Walked In? WHOA – This Melted My Heart!

    Kentucky Wildcats’ coach John Calipari proved to be an enormous inspiration to one young Kentucky University basketball fan. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor which seemed certain to end his life severely prematurely, Kevin Massey was in a bad way. He still remembers the day everything turned…

    “I was playing basketball and I noticed my shot was really off, so I told mom I needed to go to the doctor, so we went and everything checked out fine. Then two days later I woke up and couldn’t walk.”

    His mom Ruth instantly knew to get him to a hospital. “The minute I saw him I knew something bad was wrong. He actually looked like a stroke patient. His face was drooping and the whole right side of his body was weak. You could tell he was struggling to walk and use his right leg.”

    Soon, they heard the bad news. It was a tumor. But the story then takes a turn for the incredible. Find out what exactly happened to Kevin and why he might just have been on the receiving end of a miracle: