KFC’s New ‘Double Down’ Burger Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed!

Double Down

What do you usually eat for lunch? A sandwich? Some soup? Maybe even a burger? Pffft… Whatever it is, it’s pathetic. It’s not real food. KFC’s new Zinger Double Down King is real food. It’s a burger. But there’s no bread… Colonel Sanders has gone rogue with this new creation – a spin on the Double Down burger. He’s breaking the rules with this little doozy, we can tell you.. They sure are rule breakers down in the state of Kentucky!

Double Down

We’re talking chicken burger, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, beefburger, chicken burger. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Korea. Although, that’s probably quite fortunate for your cholesterol.


No bun, all meat. How does that sound to you? We know it’s made us hungry…

What do you think?

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