World’s Most Romantic Boyfriend Puts 365 Love Notes In A Jar For His Girlfriend To Read Every Day

Love Letters

Now, depending on your point of view, the following story is either the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard or the most sickening! But let’s be nice and sweep the cynicism to the side for a moment, shall we? Redditor TheOnlyOne87 decided to do something very special for his girlfriend. To demonstrate his love for her, he decided to fill a jar with 365 love notes so she could pluck one out every day for a year, read it and remember how loved she is. Corny? Maybe. Sweet? You betcha!


He had to find a pretty big mason jar to contain all his little love scribblings…

Love Letters

There we are, filled to the brim and ready to go!

Love Letters

He spent quite a lot of time preparing and organizing his grand gesture – let’s just hope she likes it, huh?!

Love Letters

Here’s something especially nice: the notes are divided into three different topics and color coded accordingly. Yellow notes are ‘moments and memories’, pink are ‘reasons I love you’ and green are ‘quotes and lyrics’.

Love Letters

This guy’s really gone into some detail here. ‘How it works’:

Love Letters

H/T: Elite Daily

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