This Incredible Magnetic Levitation Machine Makes Things Float As If By Magic!

If you saw a stack of books, a pillow with a brick on, a toy Millennium Falcon or a full chess board complete with pieces floating in mid-air – you’d be tempted to think you were watching a magic trick, wouldn’t you? But you’d be wrong. Chances are, you’d be watching the video below and the culprit isn’t Abracadabra related, it’s just science. You see, there’s a new magnetic levitation available on the market from the good people at Crealev. The technology behind it comes courtesy of something called a ‘CLM 2 magnetic levitation module’. And, however it works, it’s just brilliant!

It can float anything up to 20lb in weight in the air. And if you hide the base, it can really appear as if you’d mastered the ultimate magic trick! Have a look at what we’re talking about here:


Pretty neat, isn’t it? We can think of a thousand things we’d like to do with one of these in our house. None of them very practical, like, but still.

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