How To Make An Awesome Table From Just Concrete and Wood!

Make Your Own DIY Concrete Nesting Tables with Legos!

As we’ve shown you before here at, Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern is some kind of DIY genius. We’ve seen his Lego nesting table, now it’s time to see his DIY kitchen island made from just concrete and wood.

Recently, Ben’s buddy came to him asking for a solution to a lack of space to prepare food on their rooftop deck. Ben’s response was to propose a weather proof kitchen island with a wooden frame and concrete work surface. Both stylish and functionary, the table was the ideal solution to Ben’s friend’s problems.

The 5 main steps are set out below, but make sure that you watch the video at the end to get the full instructions!

1. Buy concrete and wood for the molding process.

concrete table 1

2. Make the mold using melamine boards and glue.

concrete table 2

3. Pour concrete into the mold and even the top using a piece of wood. Leave to dry.

concrete table 3

4. Build wooden frame.

concrete table 4

5. Place concrete work top on frame.

concrete table 5

Go on. Give it a go!

What do you think?

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