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Check Out This California Artist Who’s Turning Trash Into Shelters For The Homeless

Homeless shelters

California-based artist Gregory Kloehn probably knows that a lot of people think that art’s rubbish. And up until now he could argue with them about it. But not any more. Because his latest art quite literally is rubbish. You see, Mr. Kloehn’s newest work starts life as garbage, but it’s anything but that once he’s finished. And it doesn’t just look pretty – it’s useful too…

Have a look at how Gregory’s single-handedly giving hope to the homeless community of his home town of Oakland, CA.

Here he is rummaging through just one of the many illegally dumped piles of trash for useful bits and bobs.

Beauty from Rubbish

Just some of the snazzy-looking shelters given away to the needy in Oakland.

Cool Coffee Pot Home

It might look like a giant coffee pot, but this mini-home offers hope to those in dire need (and looks cool too…).

Feeling the Love

One of the men Gregory’s helping shows his appreciation. Let’s just hope the shelters aren’t non-smoking, eh?

Fit for a King

One of the interiors. Sure, it’s no Buckingham Palace but it’s functional and beats a flattened cardboard box by a long chalk, doesn’t it?

Garbage Changing Lives

We think this one’s style is called ‘distressed’. It’s still pretty sweet, though.

Getting Started

Our man in action.

Helping the Homeless

You even get a free beach towel featuring a picture of a soppy-looking dog with every shelter.

Impressing the Homeless Community

Open house!

Inside One of the Cool Shelters

This one’s bigger than a lot of studio apartments…

Looking Good

Gregory’s apparently been inundated with offers of help with labour and supplies for forthcoming projects, which is great to hear.

Pimped Up Homeless Shelter

Some people see a dog cage, a fridge door, a barbecue and a garden shed. Others see art. Its owner sees home, sweet home!

Sweet Interior

Plenty of storage space…

They Used to be Trash!

Picture credits: Gregory Kloehn

Great stuff, huh? Art that’s not only beautiful but invaluable to those in need. Gregory Kloehn – we salute you.

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