Dying People Are Asking To Be Sent Here. The Reason? Totally Shocking!

Dead Diamonds

What do you want to happen to your body once you die? Do you want to be buried? Perhaps in a graveyard with the rest of your family? Or maybe you’d rather be cremated and have your ashes scattered about your favourite site? Whatever you want, it’s going to be something pretty ‘normal’, isn’t it? Well, how about this? Why not be turned into a diamond?! An ever-lasting gem to be treasured and even worn by the loved ones you leave behind?


Dead Diamonds

The Swiss company Algordanza is making that bizarre dream very much a reality. ‘Memorial diamonds’ might just be the next big thing…

Dead Diamonds

Diamonds are, basically, created from carbon. Us human beings are made of carbon. ‘All’ you need to do (in a very scientific and exact way) is extract the carbon from someone’s remains, convert it to graphite, heat and press. Et voila! A human diamond!

Dead Diamonds

What colour will you be? Well, that all depends on the amount of boron in your remains. The more you have in you, the bluer your diamond will appear!

Dead Diamonds

It’s not a cheap process, though. On top of whatever your cremation costs are, the price of diamonding you starts at around $4,500…

Dead Diamonds

Would you do it???

What do you think?

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