Military Guy Totally OWNS Girl After Ridiculous Facebook Rant!

Chances are, you’re on Facebook, right? Almost everyone is. So you’re probably well aware of the amount of stupidity that gets posted on there by people. And the sheer staggering volume of rants. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network seemingly exists just to host the keyboard diarrhea of idiots. And we’ve a brilliant example of that and then the idiot getting the perfect smackdown!

Here’s Claire. She works at a coffee counter and is sick of military guys coming onto her. So she decides to write something about it on Facebook. Something sweeping and offensive and unfair…

Claire; Her rant and take-down has now gone viral.

Read her full rant and the epic response to her silliness from an military guy…
Perfect! Well done, Steve.

What do you think?


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