Mosquitoes Ruining Your Summer? This Trick Will Guarantee You’re Never Bitten Again!

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll love summer. But it doesn’t always go to plan, does it? There are lots of things out there that are happy to try and ruin our favorite season for us. The biggest offenders for our money? Mosquitoes. Mozzies and their annoying little bites PLAGUE us in the summer months.

So what can we all do about it? Well, we can try and use mosquito nets and repellents. But they’re not always that effective. But we’ll tell you what is effective and works a treat… Vicks Vaporub. It really does the job perfectly!

Eucalyptus oil, camphor, menthol… It all combines to make perhaps the most useful thing available to man for keeping mozzies away from your precious blood.

Mosquitoes Vicks

Vicks isn’t just great for keeping little bite-y creatures away, it can be used to kill colds, ease breathing, as a foot fungus relief, to soothe cracked feet and skin, ease muscle pain, help with headaches and even prevent infections with splinters or paper cuts.

It’s magic!

Mosquitoes Vicks

Here’s a video that talks more about using Vicks Vaporub for not only repelling insect like mosquitoes, but gives you tips for all sorts of other uses for the mentholated ointment…

What do you think?

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