Show Off Owner WRECKS Brand New BMW M4 Coupe!

At the recent 2015 Cars n’ Coffee motoring event in San Jose, California, a show-off BMW driver was left red-faced as a fancy driving move backfired, leaving him with some pretty bad damage to his brand new BMW M4 Coupe. The dozy driver found himself driving towards oncoming traffic after a stunt went wrong. A lot of people won’t have too much sympathy for this guy. After all, he is driving a Beemer… But still. You gotta feel for him a bit. He only just bough the thing! Let’s hope the insurance paperwork had gone through, huh…?

This type of impact can cause serious damage to the front end of a car. No doubt a fair bit of money would be required to straighten it back out.

Did you know?
‘BMW’ stands for ‘Bavarian Motor Works’. Not ‘Bob Marley & The Wailers’. Although this coincidence is why Bob owned one. He said at the time,ย “I have a BMW. But only because I say BMW stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers. Not because I need an expensive car.”

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