These Are the CRAZIEST Action Sport Stunts Ever Filmed. These Guy Are Nuts!

The Nitro Circus is a travelling group of madmen who are obsessed with pushing the limits of stunts and action sport tricks. Led by head honcho Travis Pastrana, they tour the world showcasing dirtbike, BMX, roller blading, jetskiing, Motocross, skiing and scooter stunts. They’re basically like a well-drilled and skilled version of Jackass. And we’ve got a killer clip of them…

You may have seen their shows on Fuel TV or MTV. But their most insane tricks came in their feature film bow, ‘Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D’. Set entirely in Travis’ huge compound in Annapolis, Maryland, some of the stunts are just unbelievable!

Like what happens with this schoolbus!

Nitro Circus Bus Jump

Or what happens when EVERYONE decides to pull stunts and flips at once…

Best Stunts Ever

If you’re impressed by these snaps, then you’ll be in action sports heaven when you settle down to watch this fantastic ‘Best of’ clips package:

Mad, eh? If you’ve got any adrenalin junkies in your life that’ll love a raised pulse and the possibility of a fractured collarbone – forward this post to them. They’ll love it!

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