Don’t Get Fooled – Check Out This Oil Change Scam Hidden Camera Sting

There’s always a slight level of suspicion aimed at those services that we use and pay for but never quite understand. Levels of expertise are required for many things and when we need deal with them, we’re easily bamboozled and lost. A creditable company dealing in these things, like computer repair or plumbing or car mechanics, will explain things in layman’s terms and do only the work needed and charge fairly. But less scrupulous types use this confusion to prey on people’s hard-earned money and run scams. We all know it. And that’s where the suspicion creeps in.

Take the car mechanic that we mentioned. When you take your car in to get an oil change, all you want is an oil change. But what if the mechanic spots something else that needs doing? Something that – if left – might put you and your family in danger. Do you trust that they’re telling the truth? After all, how much do people really scam you in situations like this? CBC News Marketplace found out with their shocking undercover ‘Oil Change Scam’ expose…

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