This Paralyzed Dog Was Flown Specially From Thailand To Canada To Be Rescued!

Megan Peaman was enjoying a relaxing vacation in Thailand when she decided to hit the beach one day. There she met a very special fella called Leo who she would go on to become great friends with. Leo’s a dog. But no ordinary dog. He’s the friendliest and most lovable dog Megan had ever met. Which was surprising as the furry chap’s back legs were totally paralyzed and he was dragging them behind him while getting about.

Dog Injured (1)

Megan was shocked to discover that her new pal wasn’t a stray, though. He hadn’t been abandoned because of his injuries. He still had an owner. This was surprising as the dog had clearly had no support or help with his leg problem. In fact, as Leo seemed to adapt well to his problem after the accident which paralyzed him, his owners just ignored it. Which was dangerous. So she took him to a vet.

Dog Injured

The veterinary surgeons were appalled that he hadn’t been treated. He’d broken his back! And he’d been dragging his legs behind him for so long large sores had appeared which had become infected. He was also covered in fleas and ticks and generally in poor health.

Dog Injured

Medical costs came into the thousands and, with the original owners unwilling to help financially, Megan was at a loss as to how to help Leo. So she turned to the internet and the fund-raising site, GoFundMe. And came up trumps! Generous people across the world put their hands in their pockets to assist. And soon enough, Leo was all patched up and raring to go…

Dog Injured

Megan struggled to find adoptive parents for her pet project in his native Thailand though and soon realised that to see him find a good home, she’d need to return home to Canada with him and continue the search. Soon, she came across a kind lady called Jamie Smith who was super keen to take on the brave young thing…

Dog Injured

And the rest, as their say, is history! Good luck to Leo and Jamie. And well done Megan – you’re a hero!

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