Photoshop Troll Will Have You Cracking Up Lol

Photoshop troll

Checkout these trolled photoshop requests, they are certain to have you laughing your rear off… If you’re on a mobile device, turn it sideways now

1. The Jungle

Photoshop Troll jungle

2. Facial Reconstruction

Photoshop Troll

3.  Family Portrait

Photoshop Troll

4. Forehead Adjustment

Photoshop Troll

5. Mustache Edit

Photoshop Troll Mustache

6. Edit Out Person

Photoshop Troll NYC trip

7. Remove The Hand

Photoshop Troll Remove Hand

8. Face Swap and Tattoo Edit

Photoshop Troll Tattoo


Send Your Friends/Enemies to PhotoshopRequest!

I’ve created a “bait” website to bring in requests.
If you come across anyone who needs photoshop help, please send them to:

What do you think?

Photoshop The Sun between my fingers

The Best Of “Can Someone Photoshop The Sun Between My Fingers?”

Photoshop Trolls

The Photoshop Trolls are at It Again