This Prankster’s Trying To Steal Other Dude’s Girlfriends With His Lamborghini As Bait!

Guys – you’re walking down the street with your girl and a stranger approaches. He wants to drive your lady around the block in his brand new Lamborghini. What do you say? No, right? And girls – what do you answer? That car does look pretty sweet… And it’s only round the block. Hmm. There’s gonna be a big ol’ argument break out here! It’s a dilemma. One posed by the pranking stuntsters at OckTV. How do people react…?

You can find out what happens (as well as how it goes with girls without boyfriends) in this risky prank here:


Well, that was pretty depressing viewing for those of us without brand new Lamborghinis, wasn’t it? Ah well.

Liked this prank? Want more? Those gutsy guys at OckTV have got plenty more pranks up their sleeve. Try this one on for size.

What do you think?

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