This Pizza Delivery Prank Made Us Crack Up – This is HILARIOUS!

The prankster in the video we’ve got for you here has come up with an ingenious practical joke idea: The Infinite Loop prank call. It’s brilliant. We’ve all prank called people, messed about and had a bit of a laugh, but Aussie joker Tyson Williams has gone one better. Well, actually he’s gone about a thousand better. His idea? To place two pizza orders with two separate delivery companies and then merge the call, so that they’re reading out the order to each other ad nauseum and confusing the pepperoni out of each other. It’s a brilliant idea that, theoretically, could go on for eternity!

But we can’t really do it justice in words, check it out – you’ll love it:


Funny stuff, right? That did make us laugh here. It also made us hungry. Anyone got a number for a pizza place…?

What do you think?

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