They Found This Dog Wandering The Streets Of Chicago. You’ll Never Guess What Had Happened To Him

Dog chicago BB pellets
Via One Tail At A Time

One Tail At A Time is an amazing dog rescue center in Chicago. Shelter workers are used to seeing very neglected, unhealthy dogs in really bad shape, so when they first met friendly, middle aged pooch Porkchop they assumed he was fine. He wasn’t underweight or mangy and wasn’t scared of people. One of the shelter’s foster carers agreed to look after him, but when he was brought in to see the vet a few weeks later due to some issues with his urinary tract, the full misery and horror of Porkchop’s former life became clear.

It turned out that someone had been using the poor dog as target practice. Over 50 BB pellets were found lodged in his rear end and stomach.

Dog chicago BB pellets
Via One Tail At A Time

The workers at his shelter say Porkchop is the sweetest dog they’ve ever met, but has suffered some of the nastiest abuse they’ve ever seen.

Porkchop dog rescued shot
via One Tail At A Time

One worker even said that she cried at her desk when she first saw the X ray! They think that he became stray after his owner died and that locals shot at him as he foraged for food. 

Porkchop dog chicago
Via One Tail At A Time

But it was good news in the end. The BB pellets didn’t do any permanent damage, weren’t hurting him any more and didn’t need to be removed. 

Dog Chicago rescued BB
Via One Tail At A Time

And the good news doesn’t end there! The shelter held an adoption day recently and had several adoption applications for Porkchop. It seems it’s likely he’ll soon find a permanent home. 

Porkchop dog cute adoption
via One Tail At A Time

If you want to help other pups like Porkchop find a forever home, you can donate to the Chicago shelter that patched him up here. You can also like their page on Facebook to show your support.

Lots of dogs like Porkchop live in shelters and are in need of long term homes. Consider rescuing a pet like Porkchop rather than buying a dog from a breeder or store!

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