Prankster Tests People’s Honesty With His Eye-Opening ‘You Drop Your Wallet?’ Stunt

Most of us at one point or another have found someone’s wallet or purse somewhere. In a bar, on a bus, in a shopping mall… You’re presented with an instant dilemma. Do you do the right thing and hand it in? Or do you do the wrong thing? Do you pocket it? You’ve got time to think about it and hopefully make the correct decision (here’s a clue – it’s the first option!). But what if you’ve a split second to decide? Someone taps on your shoulder. ‘Is this wallet yours? It’s got lots of cash in it.’ What do you say?

That’s what our man at Epic Five TV is posing the good people of Vegas in this ‘lost wallet prank’. Take a look at what people do, it’s very interesting.


It almost seemed like a 50/50 reaction, which isn’t all that bad when you consider that the prank happened in Las Vegas, the greediest and most money-centric city on Earth!

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