This Pregnant Belly Dancer’s Mesmeric Moves Are Truly Captivating!

    The Middle Eastern tradition of belly dancing has a certain amount of mystique and charm about it, doesn’t it? It makes us think of Ali Baba and Aladdin and Arabian Nights and things like that. It’s an evocative dance and one that’s also quite hypnotic. Once you start watching a belly dancer, it can be very difficult to tear your eyes away! Especially when they’re as talented as the beautiful Sadie Marquardt…

    Sadie is a belly dancing teacher and has strict control of her body and an in-depth knowledge of the history and traditions of her interest. You’ll be stunned by her talent. Especially when you consider that she’s pregnant in it! Belly dancing has always been a celebration of the brilliance and luminescence of the female form, so it’s a natural pairing, isn’t it – pregnancy and belly dancing.

    See for yourself!