A Photographer In Arizona Caught Something Incredibly Rare On His Camera. This Is So Cool!

This Time Lapse Video Of An EXTREME Thunderstorm Is As Spectacular As It Is TERRIFYING!

Ever heard of a rain bomb? Also known as a microburst? Nope? Nah, me neither! Rain bombs are a rare weather phenomenon where hot, dry air rises and mixes with heavy rain-bearing clouds. The hot air then evaporates the water droplets in the cloud, causing a swift cooling of the air around them, which starts to sink. The descending cool air pulls the remaining raindrops with it, creating the mother of all downpours.

Rain bomb thumb

How amazing is this? A massive ball of rain falling on such a small area in one go!

rain bomb 1

Here’s a diagram explaining how the extreme weather phenomenon occurs.

rain bomb 2

Now watch footage of a rain bomb in action, shot in Tucson, Arizona.

What do you think?

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