Get Ready To Laugh – This Redneck Fails Compilation Will Crack You Up!

Rednecks, like everyone else, often fail. It’s just that, for some reason, when they do – it’s just so much funnier than anyone else. Is it the clothes? Is it the accents? Who knows. All we know for certain is – it makes for a great fail compilation. And FailArmy have noticed this. So kick back on your John Deere, crack up a blue ribbon beer, light your fiftieth cigarette of the day and enjoy this collection…

Yee haw!

Did you know?
Rednecks are called ‘rednecks’ because of, well, their red necks! Shocker, huh? The name comes from the fact that working outside down south where it’s real hot can cause a sunburn at the back of the neck.

What do you think?

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