This ‘Stealing Gas’ Prank Lands The Joker In A LOT Of Trouble…

Roman Atwood

When you run out of gas, what do you do? Well, if you’re a nice, rounded, normal person – you head to a gas station and fill up. But what if you’re not a nice, rounded, normal person? What if you’re a adrenaline-addicted prankster? Well, in that case… You head to the ‘hood and steal gas right out of people’s tanks…

No, not really. That would be illegal. And insane. But Roman Atwood – one of the internet’s top pranksters – decides he’d like to fake that very situation though, using a hose and some water. And WHADDAYA KNOW?! The owners of the vehicles don’t take all that kindly to his antics! See for yourself:

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