Horrifying Footage Shows Slingshot Ride SNAPPING And People Spinning Out Of Control!

Luna Park on South France’s Mediterranean coast. A theme park by the sea that brings in thousands of people wanting to have fun every day. But none of the people on the ride you’re about to see had any fun when the Slingshot ride they were on SNAPPED, sending them hurtling out of control.

It’s the stuff of nightmares. And after the news of UK theme park Alton Towers’ rollercoaster disaster a few months which resulted in multiple amputations, it’s terrible to hear. Are these kinds of rides too dangerous? Are they maintained properly? Should be be going on them at all…?!

The Slingshot ride is a ball when pings two thrill-seekers high into the air. But on this particular ‘shot’, something went badly wrong…

The ride was stuck for an hour. One of the people inside broke a leg, the other was luckily uninjured. Luna Park officials blame ‘a manufacturing defect in the elastic’. The ride is now closed while a full investigation is mounted.

What do you think?


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