We May Have Found The Cutest Animal In The World – Watch a Slow Loris Eat a Rice Ball!

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There are plenty of cute animals in nature, aren’t they? Bunnies, piglets, baby hedgehogs, chinchillas… Take your pick. But we’re serious when we tell you that we’ve found what is EASILY the world’s cutest critter: the slow loris. They’re lemur-like primates from South East Asia and they’re just gorgeous. It’s their eyes, they’re so big and wide and expressive. And the video below demonstrates that perfectly. Watch a beautiful slow loris coyly eat a little rice ball, one grain at a time. It’ll melt your heart!

Have a look-see:


But the slow loris is in danger. As with so many animals, they face extinction for a variety of reasons. These wonderful animals need help. If you’d like to help their plight, visit the good people at The Little Fireface Project.

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