Catcher Cheap Shots TWO Players In High School Softball Game!

A high school softball game got a bit heated after a catcher appeared to elbow not one but two players trying to score. The match between girls from Needville and Huffman Hargrave was a tightly contested affair, with Huffman running out 6-4 winners – but more interesting was the behavior of the catcher.

As the video below shows, the girl cheap shots runners on two separate occasions. However, rather than let this affect them negatively, the Huffman girls were driven on by Needville’s underhand tactics. “I think it fired them up to score some more runs, win the game and come out as champions,” Huffman ISD Athletic Director Mike McEachern said.

Already a backlash has occurred against the catcher. Needville ISD Superintendent Curt Rhodes released a statement saying that “the local police have been called due to unidentified individuals lurking around her family’s home. Our student-athlete and school district will be fine, but it is sad that we live in a world where adults work at harming our youth. Again, we support our student, not this action.”

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